Resident Evil 7

Survive against evil characters in this game full of weapons, jump scares and creepy sounds

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Resident Evil 7 is a survival/horror game that takes the series in a new direction. Taking place after the last canonical entry, it's a return to the series' horror roots.

From the outset, Resident Evil 7 is different. By switching the perspective from third to first person, the game has become far more visceral and far more frightening. After a few entries in the series that were more power fantasy than horror, this is a refreshing return to form. The setting's also moved into a rotting plantation, one that's full of mystery and horror of its own. For the first time in several iterations, Resident Evil actually feels like a horror game, and not just one that's full of cheesy jump scares. This is a game made for people who want to be frightened.

Change isn't always a good thing, though. There are always going to be those out there that hate the changes to the series, and there is a question of whether all these changes have moved Resident Evil 7 too far away from the series. If you were a fan of the gunplay of older Resident Evil games, you won't find what you're looking for here. While the atmosphere and graphics are fantastic, there's something about the game that just doesn't sit right when viewed next to the rest of the franchise. This is something new and different, and saddling it with an old name may not be the right move.

Resident Evil 7 is worth a look. It's trying something new, and that's always praiseworthy. Whether this is a return to form or yet another misstep, though, is something that's still yet to be seen.


Looks great

New perspective is frightening

A return to horror roots


Doesn't feel like Resident Evil

Perspective change harms gun play

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